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Isaac Issaei - Real Estate Advisor 

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" I'm Isaac Issaei, and my life's journey has been a remarkable odyssey. I was born in Iran and spent my formative years there, learning valuable life lessons and experiences. At the age of 14, my life took a significant turn when my family and I relocated to Armenia. I embraced this new chapter and stayed there until I turned 24.
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However, my longing for new opportunities and the desire to follow my dreams led me on an incredible adventure. I had to return to Iran to fulfill military obligations, a necessary step to pave the way for my journey out of the country as a refugee. With determination and hope, I made my way to Austria, where I spent two years before finally reaching the United States.
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Upon arriving in the U.S., I continued to pursue my career in computer engineering and eventually ventured into the dynamic world of real estate. My experiences have shaped me into a resilient and adaptable individual, qualities I bring to my work every day.
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Along the way, I ventured into Real Estate. In 2021, I purchased a house and completely transformed it through remodeling to a smart home. I also obtained my ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) permit and converted my garage into a one-bedroom unit.
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My passion for real estate has led me to take on few projects, including one at Sun Valley, LA area. I've gained extensive knowledge in the field and can offer valuable insights to anyone looking to make informed real estate decisions.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need advice. I'm here to help you achieve your real estate goals and find your ideal property.

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"We believe that everyone should have access to affordable housing, regardless of their nationality. We are committed to helping people from all over the world get the best possible price for their homes." 


We partnered up with reliable people to help your dreams come true. 

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